Rescue remedy – the language of energy…!

Can you imagine you and your life now with no right or wrong, no problems, just space and energy? Is THAT even be possible? Would it be exciting and light? Would you feel like you are crazy, and want to take back the anchor of this reality and categorize everything into right and wrong, solve all the problems in sight and drive you down the path like a broken doll behind a car? Is any of that real or fun? That, does not lead to a happy you and a good life! If you are like me and have years of practice behind, you KNOW that all it does is construct a Frankenstein you that you force into existence with less and less willingness to do so over the years.

This morning I pondered my life and my anxiety went through the roof: my super stressful job ends in 4 months and I can either attempt to continue (do I want to?) or quit and have no job (and 2 children to support) or find another similar job which I have done for 20 years, thinking that this will change. Then I thought of many other problems in my immediate future such as what to do with the kids this summer, the expensive marble floor which is chipping away and looking at full fledge repair at high cost, and the list goes on. Does THAT sound familiar to you? Does it even make sense every day to make an inventory of all the problems you face, and take on the armour to go to war with life, knowing that you may resolve some, and others you will fail at and have no control over? What ELSE is possible, really?

The beauty of this is that there is no answer but there are always different ways. Your thoughts DO create your reality. I do know that I am done with being the problem master looking for the satisfaction of solving problems while also doing all I can to avoid the despair of failing at it. Done. How is that even possible? I choose to trust me and know that I am ALWAYS ok, that I always manage well with everything and that I am bright beyond imagination. Wishful thinking? Look back at your life and see all that you have achieved. Aren’t you awesome when you take a moment to take in who you be? And what if you could be and do all THAT without the stress, worry, anxiety and rabbit hole that you invent and create?

Here are a few tools for you on this crazy journey:

  • Make a demand every time you think of problems – Stop! I am NOT going there, thank you (not from a place of resistance but from choice);
  • Get a sense of gratitude for the information that comes up;
  • Ask for what else is possible to create something that works for you and is fun, and get a sense of it (instead of solving problems). Do NOT look for an answer – get a sense of the energy;
  • Every time you think of problems, smile a bit if you like, and instead of going into logic, gently pull energy from the person or event and send it back to him/her/it (BTW, you can do this!). It connects and engages you with the “problem”, and THAT is the best thing you can be and do (instead of closing up and separating);
  • You can also say to yourself – Interesting point of view, I have that point of view. This is an Access tool that releases the energy charge that we have tied to thoughts which tend to keep us stuck and holding on;
  • Are you willing to be so different, even crazy in order to have a life that is more space and ease and fun? Ask yourself that question, and let go of all the areas where you think that you can’t;

This is NOT about ignoring or denying problems which you already know does not work. The ostrich with her head in the sand syndrome is not effective. What I propose here is for you to acknowledge the problems that you see AND choose to create beyond (not to solve it) and know that there are always possibilities available, if you ask. It is a muscle to practice over time, and a choice to make every 10 second in order to change this pattern of focussing on the problems and the stories instead of the possibilities. Just choice, and a bit of practice.

Access originated in the USA with the founder Gary Douglas and has expanded and exploded all over the world. Dr. Dain Heer, co-founder, and Gary teach classes all over the world.

I have been an Access Certified Facilitator at the Choice for the past 5 years, now based in Montreal at the Consciousness Center. Prior to that, I worked in international development for 2 decades wanting to make a difference in the world and alleviate poverty. Access Consciousnssess has provided me with the approach and the tools to change me and the world, without making it wrong, by listening, exploring what is possible at each moment and choosing to be more of me each day. I give sessions and facilitate classes for Access Bars, Body Process and Energetic Facelift and the Foundation. I hope to have the honor of meeting you, and for our lives to connect and transform. Thank you for being YOU, the difference in the world!

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