Benoit Trudel, Energy and Consciousness Facilitator

My name is Benoit Trudel and I am an energy and consciounsess facilitator in the Montreal area and in the Laurentians region at the Choice for Consciousness Center. I heard about the Access Consciousness approach more than 5 years ago, and it changed my life. However, when a friend first told me about Access, I said “no, thank you” because I I had already tried too many modalities. But I watched her in her life and she seemed so peaceful and happy. When she again offered to teach me the Bars class, I said yes, more out of curiosity but without being convinced. And somehow, the inner change to put me and my life first started to transform everthing.

Three months later, when my life plunged into despair, I really started using the Access tools and in a week, ALL of my life had changed. I felt light and happy, a feeling I had never known in that way before. Then I continued to take classes, listen to radio shows about Access tools, and my life literally changed very quickly. There are many prerequisites to become a Certified Facilitator, and the journey to complete them has been rich in personal transformation that I now share with my clients and participants in the courses I teach. I am a certified member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.


At a very young age I first turned to church looking for the meaning of life, but I felt so guilty and wrong. I then practiced Japanese Buddhist chanting for many years, and that resonated with me more and was also soothing. In my quest for more, I then went to Thailand and practiced Vipassana meditation with monks. Afterwards I tried Reiki. That was followed by many personal growth courses, psychologists, and coaches. I even tried medication in my attempt to make me right and to feel good about myself and overcome the overwhelming emotions that dominated my life.

I have explored many modalities to learn what works to make changes in the journey to be happier and to contribute to the world. I know that so much is possible when we acknowledge what we know, letting go of being right, pushing and looking for answers creates limitations.

The tools and processes of Access Consciousness are very different. They create a sense of being open, inquisitive, curious, gentle, and strengthen the fact that the power lies in the choices that we all make at every moment. There is never a right or wrong, and that your awareness can truly guide you in your life.

I live in Montreal with my 2 sons, Rémi and Simon, 17 and 13 years old. I worked in international development for over 15 years because of a deep desire to contribute to others and to make the world a better place.


What can I offer you? As an Access Consciousness Facilitator, I can offer several types of private sessions and courses that you will find in more detail in the pages of this website. When I facilitate people, I aim to create an open space for them during the sessions, so that the energy of what does not work for them shows up. Whether it has to do with work, life relationships, self-esteem, body pains, or whatever it is – it can change.

The first step is always to acknowledge it, not make it wrong, and invite a different possibility. Then you can release the many points of view you have that keep it in your life. This release can happen with Bars or Body Process sessions in a very gentle way.

Many people ask how many sessions they will need. I would suggest that you try 3 sessions and see how you feel and what has changed for you. You can then decide if you would like to continue with a few more sessions (or not), and you may decide to take a leap with Access classes that can then change so much more.

I take Access classes on a continuous basis to connect with people who are creating their lives in a dynamic way and to develop my expertise in energy work and facilitation around a great variety of topics which allow my consciousness to expand and tap into my awareness of what else is possible.

I also run Bars and Body Processes on a regular basis. My life is now like an ever changing canvas of me that is more gentle and fulfilling.  I also know that I can guide and facilitate people to have more of them, be happier using all of my knowing, tools and processes as well as expertise.

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