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I was fortunate to be invited as a guest on a few radio shows. These were so much fun for me and were wonderful opportunities to talk about Access Consciousness and my experience. I was also able to provide tips and tools to the listeners. Listen to my favorite Access Consciousness radio show with Radiovan Yerevan, Armenia from November 25th 2016.

I started in Access Consciousness by listening to many radio shows to get a sense of the approach and tools. These are FREE, and the awareness that you can gain may be life changing. I highly recommend that you browse around and find a host whose energy pulls you in. You may discover so much about who you truly can be!

Access Consciousness Online Radio

My Favorite Radio Shows

Access Consciousness in Quebec & Beyond!

There are several Facebook groups for Access Consciousness that display classes and where people share about the Access approach and tools

Access Consciousness Laurentides-Lanaudière

Access Consciousness Montréal

Bars Access Consciousness Québec

The Access Consciousness Website

The Access Consciousness website is filled with resources. You can find a lot of information here as well as on Youtube. Go ahead and explore, see if you feel light when you listen. If you do, then what they are talking about is true for you…

Access Consciousness Videos

You can find many Access Consciousness online videos. Simply go to Youtube and type Access Consciousness in the search bar. You’ll find many videos on a great variety of subjects such as relationships, money, and choice. I would also highly recommend the following as my favorites:

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