Online Symphony Session


Do you need an energizer to bring the sparkle back in your life? Deep down to shift things that are not working, or simply to tune up and get you going stronger again? A Distance Symphony Session could do the trick.

What is a Symphony Session and what can you get from receiving one? You may have guessed that it is different for everyone AND, a SOP is about inviting your body and being to a SPACE OF KINDNESS where limitations can dissolve and shift. It is that space of no judgment where molecules of energies shift and change with ease. We start a session with the question: “if you could get one thing out of this session, what would that be for YOU?” The energy of what THAT is as well as the limitations come up. We play with them during the session to allow you to perceive, know, be and receive a different reality.

Here is a video that explains what is a symphony session:


(taxes included)

/60 minutes
(30 minutes of consultation and 60 minutes of Symphony Session via Skype or Zoom)

or call 438-368-7058

Tekla Broudic

“Benoit Trudel Thank you so much to offer us this space and the possibility to explore our truly interesting points of views about money! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!After these 4 calls, something is becoming possible for me – asking for money to come and no matter how it comes!!!! How does it get any better than that?”

Tekla Broudic

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